Vivaldi 24k carbon fiber lounge chair

During the creation of the Vivaldi 24k fancy named lounge chair the main goal was the uniqueness, functionality and the futuristic design, which has been dreamt from the world´s best-known luxury materials. The main component of the lounge chair is a carbon fibre which is lightweight, extremely strong and the V fibre direction provides a unique optical effect. In the middle of the carbon fibre part 24k gold stripe is running along. The seat´s mattress is upholstered by alcantara, strong and durable material which can be found in most luxury and sports car´s cabin. The stitching of alcantara consits of small hexagons, because the carbon is the sixth element in the periodic table. Fort he maximum effect the carbon fiber surface cantains 10 layers of lacquer. The chair´s soft arcs and name was inspired by the classical music and each piece is entirely handmade. The designer was inspired by supercars interior, where can also be found the carbon fiber fabric and alcantara. This furnishing can attranct family houses, offices and hotels interior and can make them unique. The Vivaldi 24k is not just a chair, it is a work of art, an artifact which can not been owned by whosoever.


From limited edition Vivaldi 24k only 24 pieces will be manufactured. The first ordered carbon fiber chair´s manufacture will begin in the first half of the year 2019. The production time will be 6-8 weeks.


Length: 2000 mm

Latitude: 740 mm

Height: 1320 mm

Weight: ? kg



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vivaldi-24k-edition vivaldi-24k-edition